Rapper Stacks: How to play

Rapper Stacks card games are based on a classic Trumps style game play, a popular game in the UK. The idea is simple all you need is two or more players to do battle.

Shuffle the deckshuffle stacks London card game rapper

and deal out the cards equally amongst all the players.Mac Miller dealing cards stacks London card game

Players pick up the cards and look at their top card only.MC Hammer Card flip Rapper Stacks London 1990's hiphop game

The person to the left of the dealer goes first and calls out their best stat.Left hand side rapper stacks weed spliff UK

The other players call out their score for that category and the person with the best stat or highest number wins.

The winner claims all other players cards and adds those card to the base of their stack.Stacks pancakes London card game winner

The winner of each round chooses the next category with which to do battle with in the next round.

First player to get all the cards wins!Leo Dicaprio dance celebration winner stacks London card game