Stacks alternative card games: Blind trumps

Warning, this variation is not for the faint hearted.Alec Baldwin heart attack faint bed

Instead of seeing the card and selecting the score that is highest or lowest, the first player selects the category before they draw the top card and look at the scores. 

Shuffle the deck and deal out the cards equally amongst all the players.Mac Miller dealing cards stacks hip hop card game

Players pick up the cards but do not look at the cards!mel Gibson cards maverick idiot

The person to the left of the dealer goes first and calls out the stat before viewing their card.Beyonce to the left stacks card game hip hop

All the players call out their score for that category and the person with the highest stat wins.

The winner claims all other players cards and adds those card to the base of their stack.Stacks on stacks on stacks money get them all hip hop card game

The winner of each round chooses the next category with which to do battle with in the next round, blind calling the category each time.

First player to get all the cards wins! If you are of drinking age, this is a great drinking game which can forfeit winning or losing...Please drink responsibly...Will Ferrell Frank the tank gif drinking licking girls face