Stacks alternative card games: Heads up

You will need:

At least two teams of two or more players (pick teams to increase school yard PTSD)Simpsons picking teams school yard playground last person selected

A timer set to 1 minuteTimer count down from 10 stacks London card game

One pack of Stacks cards. Ready to go?

Deal the pack amongst each of the teams. Mac Miller dealing cards stacks card game

The first teams first guesser takes a card and without looking at it places it on their forehead.

Once the timer is started, their team mates use lyrics, descriptions, and funny hints to help the card holder guess what card is on their head.

The goal is to guess as many cards as possible in one minute. 

The winning team is the team that guesses the most cards in a minute in each round. 

Make the game more interesting by blending multiple packs! Gotta Stack Them All...if you haven't, get them here.