Brooklyn Nets: The super team that wasn't and their best shoes

Three superstars converged to create, on paper, one of the most potent offences of all time: KD, Kyrie, and, after phoning it in on the Rockets, James Harden joined together in Brooklyn...and yeah, it hasn't gone smoothly but what we can say is: between them they have some absolute fire footwear from their deals with Nike and Adidas. To commemorate the death of this, almost theoretical, super team we decided to break down our favourite signature shoes from the Nets "Big 3"...

#5 Harden Stepback 2

 Harden Stepback 2 sneaker

This Miro style colour blocking sneaker for Harden is a bit of a shoe that reminds us of some classic modernist art. Available in a bunch of different colourways. What is not to like? It is always interesting to see through their shoes what players like and high tongued lows is what every strippers favourite NBA player likes in his shoes.

#4 KD 10

KD 10 nike basketball shoe aunt pearl

OK. KD has had by far and away the most signature shoes of these guys but this is his only entry...Sorry KD. Like many players from his era or at least his signature shoe era, the early KD's are butters. On top of that, KD likes his shoes to fit a certain way: very tight around the ankle and very spacious "like a slipper" in the foot. They are actually really good if you have thin legs and wide feet and they are supper comfy and this silhouette is by far our favourite...but the bar is low. Still our favourite Net and to be honest, if you get a signature shoe why would you not want it to fit exactly how you want even if it isn't that popular with anyone else...

#3 Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants signature shoe

This comes a lot higher in other lists and Kyrie has probably the best collection of signature shoes of any current NBA player...the bar isn't that high but still, when all is said and done, Kyrie will have the most iconic shoes of this era. 

#2 Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural 

Harden Volume 5 futurenatural Adidas basketball shoe

Did we pick the best colourway to demonstrate our decision? Probably not but Harden continues this playful colour blobs style with this shoe...We should have put up a different colourway

Harden Futurenatural basketball sneaker Adidas shoe

Maybe this demonstrates it better. They have the feeling of Japanese stationary or late Matisse cut out stuff...

#1 Kyrie 4

confetti kyrie 4 nike basketball sneaker

The worlds most famous unvaccinated sports star, Mr "away games only" himself, Kyrie and his 4th signature shoe comes in at number 1. The triple wave/teeth in the sole that encroaches onto the shoe is the thing that puts it over all the others for us. The confetti colourway here is not actually our favourite but all the colourways are decent, the tie dye All Star shoe is great and the Halloween shoe is also super nice. Congrats Kyrie, you know what the people (well, the Stacks team) like!