Rapper Stacks 90s Edition: Card Game


Rapper Stacks Vol.1: "The 90's" is a card game that lets you do battle with your favourite rappers from the golden age of hip hop. Each rapper has been illustrated to remember icons such as Lil’ Kim and ODB as they should be remembered, in their ‘90’s pomp. With categories such as Notoriety and Bling, the game takes you back to days when beef happened on wax and not on twitter.

Each pack contains 34 of your favourite '90's rappers along with a rules card and the opportunity to design your own card!

  • Tupac Shakur

  • Biggie Smalls
  • P.Diddy
  • Jay-Z
  • Nas
  • Easy-E
  • Dr.Dre
  • Ice Cube
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Raekwon
  • Ghostface Killah
  • RZA
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • Method Man
  • MC Hammer
  • Will Smith
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Guru
  • Lil’ Kim
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Eminem
  • Rakim
  • KRS One
  • DMX
  • Slick Rick
  • Cam’ron
  • Ludacris
  • Ll Cool J
  • Big L
  • Prodigy
  • Coolio
  • Big Pun
  • N.O.R.E.

 Want to know how to play? Check out our guide to playing Rapper Stacks here! Or check out the other games you can play here.

If you have any questions about the cards or the game itself, email us at info@stackslondon.com

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Europe Standard: £2.50 

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ROW: £4.00

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