Limited Edition IGOR Card 2.0 (Lucky Dip)


To celebrate one year since I originally dropped the IGOR cards by Tyler, the Creator was released I've made some very limited edition cards available.


ONLY 20 OF EACH DESIGN AVAILABLE! Card will be shipped out at random so it will be a surprise to which version you receive.


Available versions:

1. As featured in IGOR'S THEME teaser

2. As featured in EARFQUAKE music video

3. As featured in I THINK music video

4. As featured in A BOY IS A GUN* music video

5. As featured in WHAT'S GOOD teaser

6. As featured in NEW MAGIC WAND teaser

UK Standard: £1.50 or Free for orders over £40.00

Europe Standard: £2.50 

US Standard: £4.00 or Free for orders over £40.00

ROW: £4.00

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